The Wedding Method

The Wedding Method is all about personalisation. When brides/grooms show interest in your venue, they’ll be wowed by a handwritten invitation to visit a website link with their name in it e.g.

Professionally shot FAQ videos will help your enquirers determine whether your venue meets their budget and criteria, cleverly placed next to a calendar widget so they can book their viewing appointment with ease.

Fundamentally, your venue will stand head and shoulders above all others because you’ve provided a highly personalised and informative enquiry experience, setting up a well-qualified sales conversation that has a strong chance of converting.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

The first step to more direct bookings and wedding enquiries starts with more of your ideal customers finding you when they start googling.

Our approach to SEO is to use a blend of digital techniques that will get you more of the right customers to your website.

It combines Local SEO, Technical SEO, On-page SEO, brand-bidding PPC and dynamic remarketing with a very simple objective: increase your website traffic.

SEO will be right for your hotel if you’ve become (or starting to become) reliant on the voucher websites like Secret Escapes or Wowcher for a quick injection of bookings.

Website Development & Management

DHM will be the right choice for your hotel or wedding venue’s new website if you’re looking for a custom-designed, high-converting website that meets Google’s SEO requirements.

You can expect for your website project to be completed within two-six months depending on the complexity of the build, with full training provided on how to tweak the website’s content with our intuitive drag-and-drop editing tool.

Once the website is live, you can choose from a range of packages to keep your website looking and operating at its best. Our WebPro services will keep your website functioning, secure and up to date.

Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO)

If your website has more than 10,000 users per month, CRO is the single most effective way to increase your hotel’s direct bookings.

By tracking user behaviour through session recordings and heatmaps, hypothesis’ are made about how to convert more of your visitors into direct bookers. Then these ideas are evaluated using A/B testing to make your website work harder for you.

Fundamentally, this strategy is all about reducing your website’s bounce rate, making the user experience simpler and easier to book so more of your visitors are encouraged to book direct and not via an OTA.

Email Marketing

Sending marketing emails to your database should rarely be about selling. Instead, your hotel’s best results will come from spending 90% of the time nurturing your database, and only 10% sending sales emails.

Your hotel will ‘nurture’ its database for 55 days with email newsletters – this means finding innovative ways of engaging that doesn’t have an overt sales message. The final six days in each two-month period will be dedicated to promoting a sales campaign.

This two-month campaign approach provides structure to your email marketing schedule and ensures your hotel isn’t seen to be constantly pushing sales messages at your database, whilst also making a real splash at grabbing attention and influencing behaviour during those occasional sales pushes. The results can be mind-boggling.

Video, Photography & Design


Whether it’s drone footage, dynamic room-pans or interview ‘talking head’ videos with staff and guests, a day’s shoot with our video experts Dan and Jamie will give you a range of content for your hotel to use across all your channels.


You’ll undoubtedly want your hotel photography to look impeccable, but you may find that some hotel photography companies ‘oversell’ the product, like using a wide-angle lens to depict your smallest bedrooms, which of course risks mismanaging guests’ expectations. Our team is savvy to these subtleties. When it comes to delivering your hotel or wedding venue photography, our team can draw from 20+ years of experience to deliver the perfect shots for your business.


The DHM Design Studio offers a range of hotel and wedding venue graphic design services that you can use as and when your marketing collateral needs a spruce-up.